Lekcje Produkcji Muzyki

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Potrzebujesz lekcji z produkcji muzyki lub kreowania dźwięku? Tutaj znajdziesz to czego szukasz. W swoich szkoleniach przedstawiam zagadnienia z aranżacji i struktury utworów z różnych gatunków. Omawiam system doboru instrumentów oraz ich mixowania. Pokażę jak poruszać się po programie do tworzenia muzyki oraz po jego wtyczkach VST. Nauczę Cię jak bawić się dźwiękiem i jak tworzyć swoje własne brzmienia!

Need a lesson in music production or sound design? Here you will find something for yourself. In training, I present everything connected with music production and arrangements of songs from various genres. I discuss  instrument selection and mixing system. I will show how to perform in FL STUDIO and how to use various VSTs. I will teach you how to play with sounds and how to create Your own sounds!



1 review for Lekcje Produkcji Muzyki

  1. Mace (verified owner)

    I have only been doing music production for less than a year as I’ve made my very first song in September of 2021. After 7 months, I felt like I was getting nowhere in my music career to make my songs sound professional. I knew how to make the sounds I wanted but I could never structure them in a way that made them sounded good together.

    After I got more and more curious about music production, I reached out to ShayD, the instructor for these lessons. He was phenomenal and taught me just enough to get me started on making professional sounding tracks. He has taught me things I would have never been able to figure out myself, and he did this in the span of just a few hours. I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher. Keep it up ShayD!

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