Sound denoise

I’m a sound engineer


Who is ShayD?
Producer of electronic music. In love with EDM from a very young age, he loves working with music and everything related to sound. He hears what others can’t hear.


My goal?
Show people that not all inaccurate recordings are to be thrown away, that when the microphone falls from the speaker, or the tie comes out, it is very often still possible to pull out the voice, remove the echo from the recording and improve the sound quality, or you can also use it in another, interesting context.


Why me and my audio enhancement services?
I’ve helped people clean up videos that were described as “unrepairable” on forums that people said they couldn’t do anything about. It is often possible to remove large distortions, echo or even cough. Below are sample recordings.


Check out my sound!
Next to it you can see some sample sound effects and a songs created for the needs of video games and film production.
I produce sounds and music based on the client’s guidelines. Do you need specific sound or music for your game, stream, intro, podcast or movie production? If so, you have come to the right place – contact me, I will be happy to answer all your questions about Sound Design, music production and will dispel any doubts.

Improve sound quality

a short presentation of how the sound from the game can sound, which was recorded with a microphone located away from the orchestra.

Bride’s speech disturbed by cough

Coughing, crying children or wind are often possible to remove, by the way you can also draw your voice, many such cases are to be saved.

How do I remove an echo from a recording?

I often get asked how to remove the echo from the recording? it is not always possible, but sometimes you can get quite good results.

Sound Design

I will create music and sounds for your productions.

Denoise audio in a video

How do I fix audio in a video? In the DaVinci Resolve program – I give tips for wedding filmmakers, like FL Studio film production lessons.

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W pracy filmowca ślubnego może pojawić się wiele nieoczekiwanych problemów z dźwiękiem, Na swoich kursach uczę między innymi jak sobie z nimi poradzić w popularnych programach do montażu, niestety mają one swoje ograniczenia. Tutaj na pomoc przychodzi Marek ze swoim kombajnem dźwiękowym i niesamowitą wiedzą. Dzięki za pomoc w nie jednej sytuacji!!

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